What then had we become?
We are a son to them to one
In their image and likeliness
On their bosoms we cried for love
their cracked nipples satisfied our hunger
What has become of us then?
That they would look at us with such fright
Am I not my wife's keeper?
Am I not my daughters keeper?

What then had we become....?
That at our hands they would suffer so much
That their bodies would become our punching bags
Rapist to the ones  we swore to protect
Killers of innocence in their midts

What then had we become.......?
That we will stalk them day and night
Waiting, waiting silently patiently
Like a vulture to strike when they are most vulnerable
At homes in riverbeds and darks alley

What then had we become......?
that teachers would Father their children
nurturing their filthy seed in innocent wombs
to bear in agony and shame alone 
the hardship of forced adulthood
what then had we become?

In the end
In the end,
we are
we are
loving, happy, secure
content, confident

rich or
or dead
In the end we are what we are!
hatefull, unlove,

jealous and unhappy
rich or
or dead!
In the end we are what we choose we are!

Woman of substance
Empower, lead, guide those
Contained by nothing more than themselves
To soar to heights great and might
like an eagle free at last
To roam the skies the boardroom once more
magnify their worth a thousand times

Great is the woman of substance, who
builds bridges and sells to merchants
Buys land and grows the crops
for the hungry and poor she feeds
That's my women of substance