Vir shana
In die oggend uur se vou
staar ek teen die grashalm se vou
met goue oggend strale op sy rand
stuur ek jou n liefdes brief van my hart
op dagbreek se wee
n heimwee van verlange
vir my shanita!

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For Jasmine With Love
My tiny bundle of joy and emotions you were
with a smile so pure and a face that mirrors mine
A glimse of purity and innocence she once were
with a little part of her of me

Craddled by fear court by hope I hold you dear
The one that is part of me of her forever
and at once I knew how he felt
My bundle of joy in you mirrored

These world is a amazing place, Jasmine
Its beauty only equalled by your own
In its vicious yet mistic nature
you must grow to be a woman of substance

I envy you not these road ahead
of trials and tribulations and success sought
while every choice you make is a reflection
of who you are and where you come from
believe me if I tell you this:
you have what it takes in you ingrained
for you are the best of both of us
A //Naobeb and A Guriras no less