Death of a giant tree

Fiercely rooted high it thorns
high above and way below
dead it seems at first glance
devoid of any life it seems
proudly it stand in death's wake
for it too must die so other's can life
so life ends for such giants

Frightened it looks as death knocks
it cannot feed itself so it must die
such is the law of nature and the universe
years it will take to fall to ground
to return to where it was formed

Once it was host to birds many a kind
bless with endless chatter and soothing choruses
Yet, lonely it stands in it's final hour
death it seems frightened all away
alone it too shall make it it's final journey

The bird

Today in the morning glow
In all its glory a beautifull bird I saw
warming its shape in the morning rays
high above on the acacia it was glued
to heat its fea from the kalahary's chills
greyish purple its wings reflected through
with sky blue and lime green tail at its back
its head was green and black its beak
with white maskara around its eyes
and while I savour this moments bliss
high it soared into african sky

The dawn

A huge gigantic ball of shinning orange light
The African sun prominent
Turning heavens horizon in yellow blue and white
Sending the morning chill on its way
Fulfilled is the promise of a new day

A flock of early birds chatter sounds afar
Songs of hope and laughter
And as the sun gaze turns yellow in its glow
My spirit soothe to the tunes and mellow
I remain in awe and his grace

Old stone

As I tread along the kalahary
an age old stone I meet along the way
white with clay and formed by stones crash
I witness knocks crafted by hardships on its belly
it sit's alone alone on life's endless path
a loner like me on life's journey

Respecfully my butt downs, on a friend
that has seen as much as me
together we look at thee
and dream of better days to come